First and foremost, our Micro Market Farm School teaches people how to be stewards of the land. We have several Micro Market Farms in Henderson and utilize them for hands-on learning and real-life growing. In addition, students are taught how to run farms based on surrounding market needs.

We explore how to identify, address and determine what they should grow for sale, timing/schedules, and crop pairings. With an eye toward sustainable practices, we also factor in things such as where to place pollinators and how to get the most out of our soil.

Our first cohort consists of 37 people who will spend 1 ½ years and 4 seasons learning how to run their section of land. Classes are held on site Tuesday and Sunday evenings from 5:15 to 7:00 pm.

The goal is to immediately service family needs within our community by growing healthy local food. Through our lot lottery, we are also building an entrepreneur community since those who work in our farm school will have the opportunity to take over an existing vacant lot, after graduation, and begin their own micro-market farm.