GRRO is inspiring hope, transforming rural communities.

Educating and empowering entrepreneurship by promoting stewardship of communities through the transformation of vacant or abandoned properties.


What We Do

GRRO turns empty, abandoned lots into thriving community assets.  We educate, train and empower residents to become stewards of the land, leading to better, more productive lives and healthier communities.  Training promotes self-employment through farming and business opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency.

  • Revitalize Land
  • Improve Lives
  • Develop Social Entrepreneurs

Our History

From tragedy grew a garden - the garden became a new beginning.

One woman experienced tremendous tragedy and sought to heal. She wanted to stay busy and so she started gardening. Two women joined in and the three women formed a bond that would grow and allow for a community garden to blossom.

From that moment GRRO started to take shape. What was first a community garden grew to be a farm. Being the entrepreneurs that they are a farm number was acquired so that produce could be sold and a greenhouse was later added to extend the growing season. Everything took on a life of its own and naturally people started to take notice. The City Council became aware of all that was going on and were so impressed with the interest and beautification of the area they asked GRRO to take over 15 abandoned lots and transition them as well.

To scale the model GRRO had various members of the community compete in a market farm business plan competition. The winner created the best vision for a sustainable community garden and won $100.

It didn't stop there, transitioning to organic and sustainable growing practices soon became the focus of GRRO with an emphasis on educating community members on their importance.

The farm school took the model to the next level, giving people a structured environment for learning while the ability to work and grown in a real life setting.

What has happened in Henderson has been nothing short of amazing. So much attention has come out of the projects and programs that drugs and violence have continued to leave and our community has begun to see the positive impact as a result!
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Beekeeping is an exciting new way GRRO has diversified it's
micro-market farms and value-added products for the FOGS.
A second hoop house has been added to the farm school to
help with an extending and diversified growing season.